Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tales from Snowy Chicago

It was very cold yesterday in Chicago.  It was also very icy and dangerous to walk around.  So it was best to stay inside and enjoy a book on a cold Saturday.  Maybe a book you can finish in a day.

I picked this one up at ALA in the Penguin booth.  A few years ago I heard someone wonder if yoga would ever become the theme of fiction similar to how knitting had started its own sub-genre.  A type of craft, or hobby, fan-fiction if you will.  It has happened with "Tales from the Yoga Studio".

I was fully prepared to dislike this book.  I was thinking it would be find-and-replace type writing.  Take out "yoga" replace with "needlepoint".  But it's better than that.  The author has the yoga class attendee types down and takes a removed approach to the subject.  You can tell the author likes yoga, but is not so emotionally vested in it that she can't poke a little fun at it.  I thought the characters were developed enough for what feels to be the first in a series of books revolving around a yoga studio in California.  You get a little hint about all of the characters but not so much that you would not want to read about them again.

I think if you practice yoga the story makes more sense.  Maybe go out and take some yoga classes and then read this book.  Or suggest it to someone you know who takes yoga as a good travel or beach read.  If you are in Chicago and are looking for a studio I like Namaskar and Pipal Tree.

It's still cold and icy and we got some more snow last night, but I'm off to a yoga class in a bit to calm my nerves before the Chicago Bears take on the Green Bay Packers. I'm going to breathe deep and send some good energy to the team.  Let's go Bears and Namaste!

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