Friday, February 4, 2011

Anywhere you go, you can talk about books

Last week I was stuck at the Syracuse airport.  I can't complain.  I travel for work now and if I let every flight delay get me down I would be in a bad mood a lot of the time.  I'm just glad I was flying direct back to Chicago and not missing a connection like most of the people on my flight.

I did not have my iPad with me this trip and had finished the book I brought with me and was feeling restless.  There is one snack stand in the United area at the Syracuse airport.  It also serves as the bookstore.  I needed something to read and saw "Persuader" by Lee Child.  Score.  But wait, it's not the newest one.  It's the 7th in the series.  Had I read it?  I looked at the back cover and really could not remember.  So I consulted my own book blog.  Yes, that is pretty geeky.  But luckily I had not read this one so went back to the snack stand to buy it.

The cashier asked me if my pizza had been ok and looked at what I was buying.  Her co-worker walked by and said "I'm reading that one right now!  I love Jack Reacher!".  I agreed that I enjoyed the books and admired her for reading them in order.  We both marveled that the books have not been turned into a movie.  She said she would love to see a Jack Reacher movie.  It was a nice break in killing time and it was fun to have an exchange with someone so passionate about what she is reading.

I would put this one in the top third of the Reacher books.  Some of the incidents at the end seem a little weak but I will cut Lee Child a break.  Excellent set-up and great technique with the parallel stories.  I enjoyed this one and it did exactly what it was supposed to do - keep me entertained while sitting in an airport.  I wasn't far from home, I was solving a mystery.  Plus I pass Reacher books along to J. so they get double use.  I am also slightly obsessed with the 4" x 7" trade paperback format.  Hey, I wonder if the narrowness helps get more titles onto an airport shelf.  I think I just figured out my own mystery! 

Happy travels and reading!

One last comment about traveling and e-readers.  I was recalling my Syracuse story to a friend at a party and she said she often goes to the airport bookstore to get title ideas.  Then she downloads the book onto her Kindle!  Can't beat e-readers for travel.  I don't think I'll leave mine at home again. 

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