Tuesday, February 22, 2011


"Hector and the Search for Happiness" is very twee.  From the physical size of the book, to the title to the color scheme on the cover.  I can picture it for sale on a very well appointed table at Anthropologie. 

It was an okay read.  I thought Hector compiled a good list about happiness on his travels.  He did not have one specifically about health which I would have included.  I have had a cold all weekend and I'm cranky - when I'm healthy I'm much happier. 

The book is written in a childlike tone but don't be fooled - it's not one to read aloud to children.  Hector is an adult and engages in adult behavior on his quest around the world for happiness.

I think this book is a bit of a rip-off at a list price of $14.  I bought it at ALA as part of deal in the Penguin booth.  For $2.50 it was a break from Swedish mysteries and more serious subjects.  If someone wants my copy let me know and I'll pass it along.

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