Sunday, April 17, 2011

Friday and Saturday - Wine, Cheese, Cribbage

Day 3 (Friday)
Up and out early to see two museums.  The first, Le Musee de la Poupee.  It's fun to say and fun to visit.  We happened in on a free admission day.  Had a great time picking out our favorite dolls in each display.  Could not read the signage but could get the general idea that the museum covered the history of doll production and trends.  Very funny special exhibit about Ken.  Then we went to the Maison de la Chasse et de la Nature.  P. discovered this one online and it was a great find.  Absolutely amazing building and very interesting collection celebrating hunting and nature.

After two museums we needed lunch!  We went to Merce and the Muse because of the article in the New York Times (yes, we used them a lot for a reference).  I like coffee and am lucky to live within easy reach of purveyors of Intellegentsia, Stumptown and Asado.  The guy from Stumptown thinks Paris has bad coffee.  Maybe they have bad drip coffee, but all the espressos I had were delicious.  Anyways, this place is small, cute and so French.  As was the guy working at the counter who was also working hard on his look (well, he was cute and French and normal size).  Tamp it down, dude.  Coffee was good and lunch was good fuel to go take a nap.

The night before the Russian guy at Bimbo Tower had told us about a show the next night featuring Radikal Satan, one of the albums P. bought.  The show was going to be near Le Baron Rouge, another wine bar we wanted to check out.  The wine bar is near the Marche d'Aligre which might be busier on the weekend but slow and sleepy when we walked through and since we were not buying food to cook we just looked around.

We waited for Le Baron Rouge to open at another cafe and had a beer.  Here are a few things we learned.  The French don't play cards and consider it a curiosity.  Sometimes the waitstaff gets cranky if you can't make a quick decision.  This stop during our trip marked my first win in Sarah's Reign of Quinze - Euro Cribbage Tour 2011.

We hit Le Baron Rouge shortly after it opened which was good because it's small and you can tell it gets packed.  People stopping off on their way home for a quick glass of wine and a chat.  Some guys sat down next to us and asked how we found the place because it's usually locals.  The internet!  And we let them try our rillettes.  So good and a huge portion.  Yield one win to P.
Off to the Rock Show!  It was held at a gymnasium in a huge building.  It was part of a music fest and after we got our wristbands we went inside.  Pascal was there!  He recognized us and shook P's hand and greeted me when I looked at the merch table.  Rock shows in Paris (at least this one) serve snacks!  Homemade chocolate bread.  I tried to tell them how tasty it was but the language and noise kept me from making my point.  Radikal Satan put on a good show.  The band after was from the US and bad and I did not go all that way to see a bad American band.  For dinner we went to Au Pied de Cochon which is famous, a little touristy but great food and near the Paris apartment.  I'm not sure what I ate.  I won't let P. tell me.  It was good and hit the spot and was not testicles or brains so I'm fine not knowing.

Day 4 (Saturday)
Can you believe we took it a little easier on Saturday?  Slept in and went to Maille to stock up on mustard.  I love all the varieties.  I wanted them all but we kept it in check knowing we did not want our luggage to be too heavy on the way home.  Maille is in a super fancy neighborhood with expensive stores and tourists.  We felt overwhelmed and headed to St. Germain des Pres for some shopping.  We happened upon a very cool home store.  I loved the bookcase made out of corrugated cardboard.  A purchase from the store is below and will have more meaning later.

Lunch was a bi-valve and shellfish feast.  Then back to the apartment to drop off purchases and rest for a night out.    Went back to Le Garde Robe which had a different feel on a Saturday night.  They were going to be packing them in and when we left our table was quickly snapped up.  We got on the Metro and went to Rue Moufftard and Brewberry.  If you like beer and are in Paris please go to Brewberry - I really want the young woman who owns it to succeed.  She is running a fun place with beer and small bites.  It is a store, not a bar, but if you want to try a beer you can as long as you buy something to eat.  Not a bad deal at all!  We had a beer and she was getting ready to close for the night.  We bought one bottle of Bush for later - in honor of P. and also because it bills itself as the strongest Belgian beer.  Dinner was at a Middle Eastern place down the street and then we walked home.  And bought bottled water and conducted the transaction in French with the shop keeper.  Yay!

In the next few days Sunday and our trip home plus some other resources if you, or someone you know, is going to Paris.

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