Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More about Impressionism

Seems like I have been following a trend lately.  Read a nonfiction book on a topic, read a fiction book on the same topic.  I picked this one up at a Border's that was closing when I read the back of it and saw it was about Impressionist painters among other topics.  I saw Elizabeth Kostova speak a few years ago when her first book, "The Historian", was being released.  She was an interesting speaker but I never read the first book but have heard it's pretty good.
When artists are learning they sometimes copy other works of art.  This book made me think about that practice.  Kostova is a skilled writer.  She keeps this long story going.  The book is organized and original but reminds you of other books or stories.  It was a good book for me because I was kind of in a funk and did not want to expend a lot of effort.  I was not sure why I should care about Robert.  So he was good looking but he seemed like a jerk and I never really could tell why he was in love with Beatrice.  I kept waiting for him to time travel but no such luck.

This would be a good book to give as a gift to someone who liked "The Da Vinci Code" or "Time Traveler's Wife" or who likes historical fiction/romance.  I think they would enjoy the various narrators and details.  Let's just say for me it filled some time on a long flight.

More about that tomorrow!  My own cliffhanger.

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