Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Today the Pictures, Tomorrow the Words

April in Paris....
Some things in Paris are very big.

Some things in Paris are very small.

We could not read the signage but the Museum of Dolls is worth the visit.  The Ken doll dressed as Columbo had us in stitches.
Re-occurring vacation theme #1:  A parade!

Re-occurring vacation theme #2:  Mass shellfish killing.

In Paris even the garbage cans manage to look cool.
And the graffiti, too.
Easter is coming!
Sometimes I make P. stand in front of things even as French people watch and laugh.
Sometimes I stand in front of things and P. takes a photo - this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle playing football was painted on the side of a delivery truck.  Guess if you can't stop graffiti at least do it yourself.

Our street.  Cue French people walking around.  The weather was so perfect during our visit.  We felt as though we were on a movie set.  

More specifics tomorrow about sights we saw and places we went.  Enjoy the photos!

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