Sunday, May 29, 2011

First Novel

Bought "Something Missing" at Book Cellar one night when P. and I were out and about and I felt like buying a book.  I had heard about Matthew Dicks from Books on the Nightstand, I believe he was one of the authors at their recent retreat.

This is a really good first novel.  I thought the author might have a hard time keeping all the balls in the air - he has a few plot lines and character traits he managed to carry throughout the book and make work together.  Yes, it's a cute story but written in an original way.  He really could have stumbled with the story but I felt he did it just right.

I was thinking it is that way with songs.  You may think you are going to like something and then there is just something about the song that puts you off.  It has too much going on - or not enough.  I bet there are some reviews out there that say there is "nothing missing" in "Something Missing".  Groan.

Martin would not pick me as a client.  I use all my china, don't have that much of value and live in an apartment building.  Would he pick you?  The Ebay passages had me laughing out loud - especially the description of Anthropologie.

This book would be really good for an upcoming summer trip.  Or long weekend.  It's been lousy weather in Chicago for the end of May so good for hanging out on the couch and reading.  I read the description of Matthew Dicks' next novel and it appears to feature another quirky male lead.  I might give it a chance based on how much I enjoyed reading this one but I hope that is not a crutch for all his upcoming stories.

The Novella group met last weekend to discuss "Last Night at the Lobster".  I'm not going to count the re-read toward my books for 2011 but the second time around was just as good as the first.  Everyone liked the book and it made for a good selection.  We are thinking about an end of the summer outing to Red Lobster in honor of Manny and Stewart O'Nan.  I realized I had used the word "mystical" in the two book posts before this one.  Nothing mystical about "Last Night at the Lobster".  Real life without a Hollywood ending.  "Something Missing" does not have any mystical touches either but great character development and writing that makes you want to keep reading.

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