Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sounds Familiar

A very smart, young woman.
A dark, violent past that has taught her survival skills.
An unusual job suited to her mental talents.
An older male mentor.
An exotic location.
A crime to solve.

Starting to sound familiar?

The difference is that Vannessa Michael Munroe solves her crime by getting out among the people and is a social to suit her needs, unlike Lisbeth Salander who hides behind a computer screen.

But a woman who is so beautiful that she can charm men to get her way yet can also dress and look like a male?  Yes, you wonder who would play her in a movie.  Sure you have to suspend some belief and logic but this was a good book.  I enjoyed the setting - the countries I myself will never visit.  I'm sure there will be a lot of books similar to the Millennium Trilogy and how could there not be based on the original series success.  If Larsson isn't around to give his fans more, authors like Stevens will try to take up the mantle.

Oh, and her job?  Finding out information about a country and its inhabitants and then writing up a detailed report for her employers?  Yeah, the book could have been called "The Librarian" but Informationist sounds so much more interesting.

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