Thursday, June 2, 2011

A First at LibraryThing

I use LibraryThing to keep track of the books I read throughout the year.  I finish a book, I add it to LibraryThing and then I post to the blog.  I was the first person to put this book into LibraryThing!

I read about "Life After Sleep" in TimeOut.  Usually their books are a little too hip for me and don't sound interesting.  This one did - a novella about what it would be like if a way was developed that you only had to sleep for a few hours a night.  It's not as cool as you might think.  Plus a bit of a ding to new parents who are the ones who need Sleep the most.  They can't use the Beds around newborns.  The irony!  The author was good at keeping the story tight.  He did not start to examine the economic divides such a development could cause and instead focused on characters who were similar in the sense that they had access to the new technology.

I thought the book was well written and interesting.  It's not a timeless classic, it's a quick read to download and inhale.  I liked the different characters all dealing with their own problems with sleeping.  I could see becoming a Sleep junkie.  I sure do like naps.  I thought Dr. Frost started to seem a little too Hunter S. Thompson by the end but I can't find too much fault with that - I'm sure if Sleep became a Drug and the good, original Dr. was still around he would have abused it.

Plus buying this book helps support a local group, the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography.  I think I'm going to buy another book from them about running and working out problems.  Need a quick read on the e-reader?  I would suggest checking this one out - you can even purchase on a sliding scale.  I bought mine through the Kindle store to read on the iPad.

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