Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'm really liking Kingsolver

Years ago I read "Poisonwood Bible" and thought it was a great book.  It was also a people magnet and I believe it still holds the record for the most comments received about a book from strangers.  I've had "The Bean Trees" for years and am pretty sure it was a book fair purchase.  Finally picked it up to read and am so glad I did.

Do you ever start a book and just think "yeah, this is going to be good" and then just go along with the story?  That is how this one hit me.  I just fell into it and went along for the ride.  I was sweeping the floor yesterday and thought "oh, I hope she doesn't end it that way" and Kingsolver did not let me down.  This was her first book!  While she's been nominated for the Pulitzer she has not won.  I plan to check out more of her fiction.  Warning: this book is a little emotional so if you're sad you might not want to read it.  The Arizona setting fit in perfectly with the weather we have been having in Chicago.  When Taylor was hot and not sleeping, I was hot and reading this book.

I have a road trip beginning tomorrow and will be listening to "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" also by Kingsolver about a year her family decided to commit to eating locally.  I've heard the audio is good - it's narrated by Kingsolver and her husband and daughter and talks about their challenges with the decision and what they learned.  Audio books sure make car trips go faster!

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runslikeagirl said...

SRK-'Pigs in Heaven', the sequel, is also a great read. I read it a while back and can't remember the ending, but remember bits and pieces from the beginning and that Kingsolver continues to bring up complex issues in this book.