Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Something Totally Different from O'Nan

I went to the library thinking I would check out a Stewart O'Nan book from any of the ones the library might have on the shelf.  I chose "Prayer for the Dying".  Wow, this is so completely different from "Last Night at the Lobster".  At our Novella meeting I mentioned that O'Nan has had a hard time finding one publisher because he changes literary styles.  This is Gothic.  So scary and creepy.  This would be good for someone who likes horror stories but is looking for something a little more literary.
Yet at the heart of the book is a man trying to do his job and do his best by the people that live in his town.  Similar to Manny as he works to close the restaurant.

I am trying to use the Overdrive service from the Chicago Public Library to download some audio books.  Has anyone used it?  I consider myself fairly tech savvy and I find the system hard to use.  I looked at the Audible service but it seems expensive to me and you can only get one title a month.  If I get in a groove with audio books I would like to have one for most of my trips.  I think I just need to find the right style of book to keep me entertained while I drive.  Engaging but not too engaging - need to keep my focus on the road!

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