Sunday, August 14, 2011


If Anna Gavalda writes it, I will read it.  Saw the book in the window of The Book Cellar and immediately went in and bought it.  She has such an ear for dialog.  This book follows 2 brothers and 2 sisters during a day and examines their relationships to each other.  Not sappy, just real - what happens when siblings grow up and add new people to their group.  Of course I liked this one.

An interesting connection, the book was published by Europa Editions.  I believe this is the first book of Gavalda's they have published and it was translated by the same person who translated "The Elegance of the Hedgehog".

I have also discovered the app for the iPad.  Does anyone watch "Zen"?  If you like mysteries, check it out.  Rufus Sewell is the suave, Italian detective.  Makes me want to go to Italy!  There are 3 episodes available until the end of August.  I've watched the first one and loved it and plan to check the 2nd one out today.  I believe the order goes "Vendettta", "Cabal" and "Ratking".

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