Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Short Break and Short Books

I started reading "Matterhorn" which is a giant and kind of stalled.  I think it will be a book to read during football season when I'm watching games.  Then I was traveling for work and a little distracted and not reading.  Although I did listen to "The Fifth Woman" and "Before the Frost" on MP3 from the library.  Both are Kurt Wallander books by Henning Mankell.  "The Fifth Woman" I had read and loved and it was interesting to listen to the book narrated by a male.  "Before the Frost" is a Linda Wallander mystery - she is getting ready to join her father on the Ystad police force.  That one was narrated by a woman and was also enjoyable.  Made Indiana, Ohio and Illinois more exciting!

I re-read "Tinkers" for the novella group and loved it even more the second time.  A magical book.  Due to schedules, it was just me and P. for the discussion and we talked about the book for a long time over a few beers.  I don't want to give anything away in case you are going to read it but if you want some discussion questions just email me.  Last night P. and I were playing cribbage and I said we had not even talked about cribbage and "Tinkers".

Our next novella is "When the Emperor Was Divine".  This is one I found in a bookstore in Milwaukee last summer when we were there for a wedding.  I just looked at book spines and when I found one that looked to be under 200 pages I would pull it out to review.  This one caught my attention.  It is the story of a family living in Berkeley, California when the Japanese are forced to relocate.  Disturbing and spare.  A few conventions were used by the author, such as never giving the family members names, that I can't wait to discuss with the group.  I need to do some research to have non-fiction facts to inform our discussion.  I'm sorry to say that I was not aware that people were moved from their homes for such an extended period of time.  Surreal in the descriptions of how neighbors accepted the Japanese being moved and then also accepted (although that is really not the right word) them back with little fanfare.  As if everyone was joined in ignoring the issue so that no one could be to blame.  I know the subject matter will make for a rich book group.

I'm currently reading another slim book by a favorite author and going to go finish it so I'll have another post up soon.  Time to get back into my reading groove!

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livinginlancaster said...

I will definitely pick this one up. your summary reminds me of a book I read in school and still remember: farewell to manzanar. could be a good, quick read for you, if you're interested.