Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Las Vegas Baby

Nothing like a long plane ride to help knock out a book.  Great reading to and from Vegas.  Another Nesbo and liked this one a lot.  More personal than "Redbreast".  Great cast of characters and plotline.  Had to flip through the final pages a second time - did what I think happen happen?  Hmm.......when someone else reads this one let me know and we can compare notes.

Getting back into the reading groove and feeling good.  My friend S. pointed out that I say that I'm getting ready to read or plan to read and that's true - I like to have a chunk of time set aside to work through part of a book.  Now the Millennium trilogy I was reading anywhere and everywhere but for me the best is on the couch with the kitty kat and an hour or so of losing myself in a story.  We were waiting to see if Pistache would be a snuggler and with the colder weather we have found out she is - yay!  That will make you sit in one place for a while as well.

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