Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Reading and Watching

The USA Today review on the cover says "Reading 'The Redbreast' is like watching a hit movie" and another little sticker says "Fans of 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' will want to read 'The Redbreast'".  I would not argue too hard about those points.  Detective Harry Hole is the star of this series.  He is similar to Wallander but he's in Norway and not Sweden.  But both countries seem to be struggling with a future that does not match what their people were expecting.  I liked the personal stories in this one and how they wound together.  The main political event left me scratching my head a bit because did not quite understand it.  That is ok - it was a good read.

I've been watching more television shows rather than reading.  Well, I know my reading is down this year just by looking at my year to date total.  Oh, well, it's not a contest.  But here's what I have been enjoying watching - and they are all in England! 

"Luther" - on BBC America/Comcast On Demand - Dark and scary.  Sexy, thrilling, smart, convoluted and interesting.  London as it is now - under camera surveillance and yet violence still exists.

"Inspector Lewis" - on PBS.org iPad app via Masterpiece - So good.  Every episode makes me laugh at some zinger.  I love the relationship between Lewis and Hathaway.  Detectives in Oxford so murder still happens but not as gritty as "Luther".  I got to use the phrase "someone knicked his guitar from the boot of his car" while talking about one of the episodes.

"The Hour" - on BBC America/Comcast On Demand - Kept seeing the ads during the "Luther" episodes.  Thought it looked boring but it is not!  England as it was in the 1950s.  Commentary on how events were covered in the news with a mystery thrown in for good measure.  Also features 3 female leads that showcase different images of women at the time. 

So, yes, a lot of tv but enjoying knitting while I watch. 

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