Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Not Your Daughter's Werewolf

You know what you don't need if you have an iPad?

You don't need a flashlight to read a book under the covers!

This is not a teen werewolf book.  Unless the teen has nicked the book from the family's library and is hiding it behind a textbook or reading it in private under the covers.

"The Last Werewolf" got a lot of hype/notice/interest.  Books on the Nightstand liked it.  I think it was on a Top 5 from a Powell's employee.  It's a fast paced read.  It's not high literature but it is a fun, engaging story that keeps you entertained. 

Now I understand the difference between werewolves and vampires.  Werewolves still have sex.  According to this book, a LOT of sex.  They can't talk when they are changed, they have to kill humans to fill their Hunger and they, too, live forever.  Or until someone shoots them with a silver bullet. 

And, yes, the full moon I saw on the way to the gym yesterday morning did give me some pause.  Plus, I did not see the cliffhanger ending coming at all so Bravo! to you Glen Duncan. 

Want to read this?  Great snowy weekend book or save it for a summer read.  I checked this one out from CPL using the Kindle format.  So easy.  Yes, I may have to wait a while for a Kindle book to be available but I've built up a waiting list and wish list on my CPL Overdrive account so I can be patient.  I've added a new tag to Library Thing and my blog - Kindle CPL - in case you are interested in checking the book out from the library.

Watched Episode 1 of Season 2 of "Downton Abbey" last night.  I may go into a decline if Bates does not return.  Such a great show and I now have my mom hooked.

What did I do last weekend?  Well, I have been saying I want to read more non-fiction and I was at a history trade show and the vendors were selling their books for cheap and I did not have to pack them in a suitcase.  How could I resist???

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