Thursday, February 16, 2012

Shadow of the Wind in the Windy City

The "Shadow of the Wind" was our February selection for the Newberry Book Group.  I liked it at the beginning, it got a little slow in the middle and the end was pretty good.  We learned in the discussion that the author wants to introduce readers to the city of Barcelona.  I think it was always raining in this book so I'm not sure how good this book is for tourism.

It's an airplane book, a long trip book, a sick day book, a beach book.  Maybe a good book for someone who liked "Harry Potter" and is looking for something new to read.  Lots of characters, plot twists and coincidences.  I did not hate it but I'm not sure I would read anything else by the author.  I was worried it would not be good for discussion but I was wrong - we had plenty to talk about especially the idea of a Quest.  What stories involve a quest?  "Lord of the Rings", "Wizard of Oz", "Star Wars".....etc.  Do you lose interest in a book if it's a quest and you don't care about the quest?  Good question.  Long weekend coming up - looking forward to some reading!

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