Monday, March 19, 2012

How can it be so wrong and so right all at once?

I am working mobile so will post the cover art later but have to say that I knocked out "Devil All the Time" By Donald Ray Pollock in two days while on vacation. Recommendation from Books on the Nightstand. The subject matter is depraved and disturbing and not for the squeamish. Think "Natural Born Killers" but with none of the showiness. As cold and desolate as "Winter's Bone" felt this book is hot and close and claustophobic. The characters are some of the most interesting, complex, honorable, pathetic, sympathetic, stuck and proud people I have read about lately. You are interested in everyone - and sometimes it can make you feel bad that you care about the ones you should loathe. The author has a collection of short stories called "Knockemstiff" that I plan to read soon.

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