Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oh, yeah, this one is good

I heard about "Ready Player One' by Ernest Cline on the "Books on the Nightstand" podcast.  Then J. read it and said she liked it.  I finally got my notice from the library that my Kindle version was ready.  I knew to expect a lot of 80s references in the book and I thought at one point those references might cause me not to recommend it but it's a really well-written book.

Whether we feel like it some days or not we do live in the future.  I don't have to look at a map anymore - I can get directions from my GPS.  If I want to look something up and I'm out with friends at least one of us will have a device that can access the internet.  I keep up friendships with people all over the globe via email.  We don't have to be in the same room - or country! - to share a laugh.  Some improvements have been good for everyone.  Some technology is still out of reach for the world's population. 

"Ready Player One" includes some very smart observations about what current technologies may mean for the future.  Could going to school online help someone who suffers from bullying?  But how do people who live online interact with the real world?  When we all live online what about privacy?  This is an interesting book.  Even if you don't know some of the references, and don't want to learn more about them, you won't miss out on parts of the story.  I believe this book won an award from ALA as an adult book that young adults could read and I would agree.  I will be suggesting it to people who ask me about books for teens.  It's a quick read, maybe a beach or vacation read.  "Ready Player One" was entertaining and it made me laugh and think which I would say is a great combo.

And let's hear it for "War Games"!

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