Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Good Day for a Book's Summer Reading Challenge

For some reason I've been feeling nostalgic about summer and the library.  Being out of school, going to the library and looking at the abundant selection of reading material.  As I mentioned on a previous post, during the Summer Reading Challenges at my local library I tended to read series - Black Beauty (and I'm not a horse person), Little House on the Prairie, Tintin, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. 

So Good Day for a Book is going to have a Summer Reading Challenge.  I am just going to base it on reading - not on number of titles or pages read.  I figure for some of you getting some reading in among other responsibilities is challenge enough. 

The Reading Challenge will run from Memorial Day - Labor Day of 2012. 

I've created a PDF you can use to keep track of the titles.  You can find the PDF on my wiki - here is the link:

If you can't access the PDF and want me to email a copy to you please send me an email - spalmer_60640 AT 

I'll send a reminder out during the summer but the steps are simple.

Keep track of what you've finished
When we get to Labor Day send me your list

Oh, yes, and the best part.  I'm going to enter all the lists into a hopper and draw names.  The prize - a $25 Amazon e-gift card.  So you can use if for print, Kindle, etc.  And there will be TWO lucky winners!  I'll also ask if I can share your list.  I look forward to seeing what people read during the summer months.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. 

Now go read!

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