Monday, May 14, 2012

One to Start the Series

On a recent United flight I read an interview with Janet Evanovich.  I had never read the Stephanie Plum books but the article made me curious and I thought the movie ads for "One for the Money" looked funny.  I was intrigued and picked this one up during a 2nd trip to Milwaukee at Downtown Books.  A fun book, a good story and I like Stephanie as a character.  She's not stupid but she is not incredibly polished - there is room to grow.  I would read others in the series.  A good book for a trip.  Plus starting a series got me thinking about summer reading challenges.  When the local library would have a summer reading challenge I seemed to read series - Nancy Drew, Little House on the Prairie, Black Beauty.  So stayed tuned.....Good Day for a Book is going to have a summer reading challenge!  Details coming soon.

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