Monday, July 2, 2012

Use of Language

Sometimes people will say to me "you should write a book".  It's a compliment but a tad misguided.  Just because I read a lot (even though I'm in a bit of a slump), I am not a writer.  I'm a reader.  Alan Bennett is a writer.  We read "The Uncommon Reader" in the Novella Group a few summers ago.  I picked this up in Milwaukee.  Wow.  I read it on the beach.  Yes, Chicago has a beach and it's been a nice escape from the heat.  Get there early in the morning and jump in a chilly Lake Michigan.

But I digress.  Both of the stories in this book are interesting.  The first one, "The Clothes They Stood Up In" just had me thinking "wow, this guy knows how to use words". that I think about it I'm watching the cat upstairs and have access to Netflix - is "The Madness of King George" a movie?  I will check!  I would like to see one of Bennett's screenplays. 

The second story is a true account and I'm glad he has an author note in my copy because I would not have believed the story if there was not the note at the end.  Similar to Uncle Pio in "The Bridge of San Luis Rey" some people have accumulated life experiences that put into a story seem incredible but we all have them if the rest of life, the living part, were edited out and just the crazy stories were left.

Happy July 4th!  Don't forget about the Good Day for a Book Summer Reading Challenge - we are in the thick of summer now.  Hope everyone is staying cool.  Maybe read a book about a cold climate! 

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