Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Reverse Armchair Travel

When I used to not travel that much I read to travel to other destinations.  Now that I travel for work, I want to bring friends with me.  I am not traveling to exotic locales but do enjoy the travel and my job.  Airports, planes, driving and hotels can be a little lonely so I like to bring some friends along with me.

This is the 3rd time the Plum family has traveled with me.  Grandma Mazur made me laugh out loud last night.  I know Stephanie and Joe are going to be a series of missed connections.  And I want to be invited to the Plum's for dinner.  Is that so bad?  No way. 

Plus I bought this one at Prairie Lights so an added bonus.  Paul was not there so I only ended up with 3 books but had so much fun in the store.  The University of Iowa students were coming back to campus and buying books for classes.  I don't know what it is about that store - the way they display the books, the atmosphere, something - but you want every title.  Every book looks interesting. 

And unlike the bookstore in Lincoln Square, Prairie Lights does not judge.  They had an almost full run of the Janet Evanovich titles.  While the hipster kid at the register did not comment on my book selections, as he did with other patrons, I was still not slighted.  After all I know Paul is a big mystery reader too!

Today I'm in another city and have a local bookstore to visit - so more details later!  But if you are out on the road try to get to a local bookstore.  They still exist and they generate an excitement about reading that is infectious. 

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