Friday, December 7, 2012

It is Number Four

Will they?  Won't they?  It's called "Four to SCORE" so what do you think?  This one was much more about Stephanie and Morelli and less about the mystery.  Seems like a bridge story to other story lines that might appear in later books.

I had a conversation with the staff at Unabridged Bookstore here in Chicago about types of books and format of books when you travel versus when you are at home.  They agreed that their customers that are big travelers do gravitate to serial titles.  They were impressed with Once Upon a Crime - that such a specialized bookstore can still exist.  If you are in Chicago Unabridged Bookstore has an awesome sale section right now.  I picked up quite a few books for the holidays.  Can't tell you what....just in case......

When I went to tag this entry I started to type in Read in, am I waiting for 2012 to be over?  Did not think so but maybe I'm ready for a new start.

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