Monday, January 7, 2013

And we're off for 2013.....

I think I read an excerpt from "Role Models" and when I saw it when I was out Christmas shopping I picked it up.  I like memoirs and this has an interesting organization.  Waters' writes about people, famous and infamous, that have inspired or influenced him or people he admires with, or without, their knowledge.

I liked some chapters better than others.  I really enjoyed the one about Commes de Garcons.  I had to laugh at the idea that Waters spends so much on his clothing only to have people think he is wearing thrift store finds.  I tried to get an up close look at some Commes de Garcons pieces at Luxury Garage Sale this weekend but no luck.  I really wanted to see the cape with all the loose threads after reading about the designer in this book.  Could you stop yourself from cutting them?  Would the dry-cleaner ruin the piece by trying to fix it?

I could have done without the chapter detailing Waters friendship with a Manson follower.  Former? Reformed?  I also could have done without the outsider porn chapter.  I read that one late last night and was thinking "what the hell am I reading?".

I did enjoy Waters tracking down some of the characters he had seen around Baltimore to find out more about them.  Often the families that were still around had to fill in the blanks behind the people.  Baltimore seems strange but, then again, if you are an observer of human nature like Waters, and you have been in one spot for a while, you are bound to see some things.  I was reminded of when I first moved to my current apartment and we toured all the dive bars in the area.  Some are still around, many are not.  One we just called Checks Cashed because it did not have its own sign and was next to a check cashing location.  We went there one night and the bartender got mad when we tipped her!

A well written memoir by an interesting person following interesting people.  But did not care for the work in its entirety.  I was thinking where have I heard about Ivy Compton-Burnett before?  I'm sure she was mentioned in "The Uncommon Reader".

Going to see George Saunders tomorrow and looking forward to it.  The New York Times seems to really like his new book.  I did not read the review in full because I would like to be a little bit surprised.

First one for 2013!

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