Monday, February 4, 2013

Anything you can do, I can do better

What is a suitable job for a woman?  What is an unsuitable job for a woman?  If it's suitable for a woman is it unsuitable for a man?

Being a detective is a great literary career for a woman.  It allows the introduction of many types of characters and locations.  A detective can come from a lonely background (such as being an orphan) and that allows for many devices - such as bonds being formed quickly and being self reliant.

I picked this one up at a very cool bookstore in Chicago called Bucket o' Blood.  If you are in the Logan Square area stop by but be warned - this store has a very edited collection of mystery and sci-fi that makes you want to buy a book, and maybe an album, and go home and get under the covers with a flashlight and stay up all night reading.

Cordelia Gray is an orphan who has just lost her detective agency partner and is on her own on a strange case.  I'll let you read it to find out what happens.

This is a great exchange with another character in the book - Cordelia may have a chip on her shoulder when people ask her about her chosen career.

Edward Horsefall:  I should have thought that the job was - "

Cordelia finished the sentence for him.
"An unsuitable job for woman?"

"Not at all.  Entirely suitable I should have thought, requiring, I imagine, infinite curiosity, infinite pains and a penchant for interfering with with other people."

Ouch!  A backhanded compliment if there ever was one!

Happy Day after the Super Bowl!  We had some people over to watch the game and it's interesting to see who starts checking out your bookshelves.

Do you lend books to strangers?
If so which ones?
If not which ones?  I don't lend ones I have not read yet, or that are signed or that are among my favorites.

I guess I will only lend a book I don't expect to have returned and I would not mind buying again.

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