Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Different Format

There is a very cool comic store in my neighborhood called Alleycat Comics.  You really do have to walk down an alley to get to the store and, truth be told, the alley makes me a tad claustrophobic.  I usually hustle the last couple feet and pretend I'm a spy. 

P. and I were in the store one night when customers were at tables trading comic books.  I was jealous.  It was such a vibrant community and the people were having so much fun.  And ladies - if you need a date you might want to start hanging out at this store since it's very male dominated.

I try to like graphic novels.  I've always enjoyed the Love and Rockets series.  I've read "Watchmen" and "The Dark Knight".  We read "Persephone" for the Novella group and I loved the illustrations and what they added to the story.

This one left me flat.  I would have liked more historical informational about the characters in the story.  One of the creators indicates that's not really the point but I would have liked to learn more about the people.  The pictures were so spare that the story moved really fast.  I finished this one in a couple hours.  I felt sad.  So maybe that was the desired effect.  A little blah, a little flat, a little depressed.  But still not sure if graphic novels are my thing.  I will keep trying - I like to visit Alleycat when I'm on Clark Street.  You should too!

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