Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Thematic Reading

"The Lock Artist" by Steve Hamilton
1.  Purchased at Once Upon a Crime in Minneapolis - source of many of my recent reads
2.  Features a character that does not talk - like "Cockfighter" from last year
3.  Talks about graphic novels/comics - I just read a graphic novel

This was one both the owner and customer at Once Upon a Crime liked.  I would read more by this author.  It was really smart.  Usually narration that jumps in time can be annoying but this was really well done.  Until the very end I thought this would be a great book for a teenage reluctant reader.  Sort of like "Ready Player One" - an adult book that young adults could read.  But there is one passage toward the end that I think is a bit violent.  Maybe that is just me.  Too bad because I think a teen reader could identify with an unlikely hero.  One that has a talent that is criminal but also fascinating.  Even though I read this while the cold weather continues in Chicago it would be a good beach read.

I'm off on a trip next week - maybe I will discover another cool local bookstore!  I will keep you posted.

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