Monday, May 13, 2013

Good Use of Time

Finished a book and a knitting project this weekend.  Both were pretty close to the end.  "Shamus in the Green Room" was a purchase at Once Upon a Crime.  It's a series featuring Cece Caruso as a bibliographer of detective writers.  This book features Dashiell Hammett as Cece is hired to help a popular actor prepare for an upcoming role. 

This is the third installment in the Cece Caruso series and the first one I have read.  Finally a female lead that is not wacky or so dysfunctional.  I got a kick out of Cece and thought she was developed and I was interested in how she was going to solve the mystery.  I enjoyed the background information on Dashiell Hammet since I've read "The Maltese Falcon" and I have the "Thin Man" in my to-be-read pile.  I felt like I was reading a biography and a mystery at the same time. 

My only issue is that the other characters were not very strong.  I liked Cece's family and friends and it's not surprising since it's probably the third time they have been featured in a book.  But the characters that would appear just in this story did not hold my attention.  I figured one of them to be the bad guy and just wanted Cece to catch them so I could read more about Hammet and Los Angeles. 

The knitting project?  A mohair cowl, which I thought when I finished it on Friday night I would pack away until Winter.  But, no, the weather was cool enough in Chicago that I wore it all weekend and received many compliments. 

This is the 20th week of the year and I've read 11 books.  So not as on track as I would like but I think I'm going to have two more knocked out this week.  They are novellas so that will help.  I am trying to get back to the 50s for the year so wish me luck! 

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