Sunday, June 2, 2013

Oom and Om

"The Great Oom" is very well researched and written.  I enjoy yoga but did not feel this book is really for yoga people.  It's more about fads and how ideas are introduced in the United States.  Ultimately. even Eastern ideas require Western funding.  I found the details about the time fascinating especially about immigration and foreigners in the United States.

Reading the book I don't think Bernard stole money or hurt anyone intentionally.  Maybe a woman was misled at times for a selfish goal.  But if you are an adult you can make your own decisions and do as you please.  What is more American that that than being able to follow a new idea?

I would imagine that this book was difficult to write if primary sources were not preserved.  Who decides who will impact history?  Robert Love did an excellent job of tracking down information.  Again, not really for the yoga-lover in your life but for sure a good pick for someone who likes non-fiction about unique topics.

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