Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Style File

I think I have always loved fashion and I know I have always loved shopping.  I remember devouring Seventeen magazine.  I've always enjoyed looking at the clothing in movies.  How I wanted the white leather coat from "Ferris Bueller" or the fashions in "Valley Girl".  I was pretty preppy growing up and for a good part of my adulthood have had to buy clothes because they fit and not necessarily because I thought they added to my style.  Thanks to Weight Watchers and some attitude and life style changes that is no longer the case.  Now most everything fits and I'm loving every minute of it!  My motto is "if not now, when?". 

After reading "Overdressed" I have been a lot more conscious about where I shop, what I buy, where my clothing is made and how the clothing makes me feel.  I've been seeking out fashion blogs and smaller designers and stores.  I want people to look at me now.  So in my trip through the internet looking for fashionable people to read about I stumbled upon The Chic Index.  I love reading the people describe their outfits.  Fashion is fun!  So I wanted to know more about Ike Ude and found this book on Amazon.
After reading "Style File" I have discovered that you BUY fashion but you HAVE style.  I'm sure most of the people interviewed in this book have been stylish their whole lives.  I would think to think that it's not too late for anyone to start developing their own style.  I also think you can change your style and that it can be fluid and you can keep tweaking it.  As you decide to invest more in clothing you are also going to have items for longer since they will last and you might as well make things fit into your personal style.  I can now pack for work and personal trips and have clothing that will mix and match and makes me feel confident and not dumpy.

I have to say that going into my closet and liking everything that is in there is a huge change.  I was just moving a few things around in my closet and took out some summer dresses and wondered if they would fit.  Hey - everything fits!  I plan to continue to follow Weight Watchers so my size is not going to change.  I also don't think that style has to be expensive.  Yes, quality pieces can look better but you don't have to break the bank. 

Get out and meet designers in your area!  They are around, you just have to know where to look.  Craft fairs and flea markets are a good start.  I met a Chicago designer (ReFINDefind) this weekend who takes vintage pieces and reworks them to have a modern flair.  His card has a great motto on it - "Remember it's not about who has the most but who wears that they have the best".   So don't save items for special occasions!  Wear what makes you feel good and someone stares, so be it.  Here are a few of my Chic Index picks for myself.

Jacket from Rope in Tulsa, OK.  One of those purchases you are so pleased about.  I am complimented every time I wear the coat.  In this photo the design looks like flowers but up close they are really bees.  I'm also wearing colored tights.  I think I read once that Michael Kors thinks women should never wear colored tights.  Too bad Michael, I love 'em!  And, again, people generally comment on my tights.  You can't see the dress but it's from Roslyn on Damen from a designer (Duskin) that no longer has a fashion line which is too bad.  Bathroom photo courtesy of the 900 N. Michigan shops.  Wore this to go shopping on a cloudy Sunday.  Was not going to buy, just to look around, and if you are well dressed you can go into any store with confidence.
Dress by Wai Ming - a designer from St. Louis, MO.  Met her and her husband at Roslyn in Chicago.  Love the dress even if I did give money to a Cardinals fan!  Necklace by Luxury Jones - another designer I really like.  It's strips of tie-dyed fabric and the way she tied it makes it look like beads.Bathroom photo courtesy of The Portage which is a restaurant in an old neighborhood bank branch. Great meal. Wore this for dinner out with Pete.  The dress is short, but by no means obscene, but I thought this guy was going to have a car accident looking at me!  Dude, eyes on the road.

Denim romper from Armani Exchange and purchased at Leahey and Ladue Consignment on Southport Ave. in Chicago.  If you are in town it's worth a stop.  Edited selection and the people who work there are great at giving second opinions.  This is one of the first items I bought when I lost weight and I love it.  Makes me feel confident and tall and silly.  Who doesn't love a romper?  Wearing it to a Cubs game with as much red & blue as I can muster in one outfit.  Plus the Cubs won so it must have worked! 

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