Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Good Store, Bad Book

I purchased "A Bitter Veil" at Once Upon A Crime in Minneapolis based on a recommendation from one of the owners.  It's by a Chicago author and takes place in Chicago and Iran.

My main complaint is that it's not really a mystery or crime book.  The crime happens at the end and it doesn't provide the majority of the action in the book.  I was writing a more complicated and interesting book in my head while reading it.  How could you not do more with the Nazi father?  I also did not buy how evil the husband became.  It was too big of a change.  If you want to read about Iran my suggestion would be to pick up "Persepolis". 

What this book did do is get me thinking about leaving a country, your home.  It's going to be a mini-theme because the book I'm currently reading (to be revealed in the next post) is also about leaving your home.  But I think it's different based on where you start.  It's easy to say "leave Iran!" because there are much safer places to go.  It would be hard to say what would get me to leave Chicago and if Chicago, or the United States, has it bad, due do government or quality of life - not a weather related event, would any other place be better?  It made me think about "Suite Francaise" another book about leaving a major city (Paris) during war.  Are country people better off because they are more self sufficient?  Do they have more resources?  Are the tables turned based on supply and demand?

This was my view post run last Wednesday when I rode up to Lake Michigan to jump in and cool off.  I don't really ever call it Lake Michigan - it's "The Lake".  Sometimes people ask me if I don't ever want to get out of the city - go camping, go to the country, see more trees.  Honestly, this is all the nature I need.  And you can't tell in the photo but there was a guy playing his trumpet and the park district employees stopped grading the beach for a few minutes to listen.  It was a perfect morning.  (If you are ever in Chicago this is the Kathy Osterman Beach which is far North and you have to ride or walk to it since it does not have a parking lot.  It's my favorite because it is usually not too crowded.  I remember when Kathy Osterman died - she was Mayor Daley's director of Special Events and she always wore hats).  

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