Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Re-Read, Fiction/Reality and giving up on

I was at the American Library Association show over the weekend and did not buy any books.  Yes, yes, I'm ok.  I did not feel like fighting the crowds and from what I saw there was a lot of children's books and YA books.  Plus the Newberry Library used book sale is coming up at the end of the month and I will not miss it this year. 

Here is what I have been up to reading wise this summer.  I re-read "The Sense of an Ending" by Julian Barnes for my Novella group.  I was not going to count it as a book read this year but when I was re-reading it I had forgotten so much of the story that the majority was new to me.  We had a very good discussion this month.  If you have a book group I would suggest this one for sure.  You can get into some good debates.  We also talked about what stays with you when you read a book.  This one was good to re-visit with people closer to my age since similar themes resonated with us. 

I had some time to kill one morning waiting for CVS to open so picked up "Digital Fortress" by Dan Brown at the local coffee shop. 

Premise - the NSA is listening to your phone calls.  Oh.....wait....that is really happening. 

Correction - the NSA is reading your email and even if you encrypt it they have a computer to break the code.

Not a great book.  Way too formulaic - 3 sets of actions and characters and he would just cycle through them.  It started out good because I thought "how timely!" and then was a bit tiring but 2 of the cycles of action interested me enough that I finished.
I'm giving up on a memoir I bought in Doylestown, PA at a used book store.  It's called "Dwarf" and the person even has a co-author and it's still really poorly written.  I'm not even interested.  I feel bad but I can't continue.  So...what next?  We'll see. 

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