Sunday, July 7, 2013


"Terroryaki" is the July selection for our Novella group.  P. and I both finished it well in advance of the meeting which is unusual.  But it is a fast read!  Maybe a book written in 3 days* is easily read in a few hours.

At first I worried that this slim novel would not give us much to talk about but I think we'll come up with plenty.  It's enjoyable and the author has a talent for capturing personalities.  It also continues our (!) theme for the summer.  Plus it's funny and current - it was published in 2011.  If you have a foodie in your life who likes reading online restaurant reviews this would be a good gift book.

Now the challenge is finding a teriyaki place near our Novella group meeting.  I think after this one we will have to go out to dinner.

I was not familiar with the 3-day Novel Contest before reading this book but it just celebrated its 35th year.  (  Some of the previous winners look interesting.

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