Monday, August 26, 2013

Cats x2

I swear it was not on purpose but I ended up reading two cat books back to back.  It was interesting to compare how cats are treated as a subject in each book. 

"Lost Cat" is the story of a woman recuperating from an accident and spending time at home with her cats.  The title gives it of the cats goes missing.  This is a great memoir.  Not the best book to be reading at dinner, by yourself, in Ft. Wayne, IN.  There will be tears.  I read the first half while out of town and the second half at home where I could give my kitty a squeeze.  And, yes, I said KITTY.  The illustrations are great and add to the story.  A book that reminds us that no matter what we believe is happening, or we are telling ourselves is happening, sometimes we have to take an honest look in the mirror and take responsibility for our actions.  Sounds heavy but, don't worry, this book will also make you laugh out loud.

Next up, "The Way of Muri" which was the August selection for our Novella group.  Summer has gone by so fast!  This book is excellent for a book group because you can discuss it on many levels and it covers so many topics.  I could see it being taught in a religion or philosophy class.  P. said business majors should read it to learn how to manage different personalities.  Muri does not receive unconditional love from all of the people he meets during his travels.  Some are downright suspicious of cats and their motives.  We had a great, hot day at the beer garden and some cold foamers to talk about Muri and travels, quests, journeys and destinations.  See you next year Novella Group!  I know we will have another great batch of books to read.

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