Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Classic you think you know

Have you read "Frankenstein"?  If not, you may want to pick it up.  It would be a great winter weekend read.  Stay at home and get under the covers.  You may think you know this story, but unless you have read it, you do not.  It was interesting what parts of the story have remained and what has been changed. 

This was the August selection for the Women's Classics book group at Women & Children First.  We had a good crowd and a great discussion.  I checked a database at work and found there have been over 2100 dissertations written about "Frankenstein".  Almost 200 of them are tagged "women's studies".  I'm a little surprised that number is not higher since there are so many feminist topics to discuss - not only sticking to the text but also bringing in examples from Mary Shelley's own life. 

I liked the introduction by Elizabeth Kostova in this new edition from Penguin.  If you have a book group and you want to read a classic please read "Frankenstein" because I need to talk to more people about it!  I am dying to spoil parts of it but I will restrain myself. 

After this one I think I'm in the mood for something silly.  We are getting into the longer runs for marathon training and I like having a book going that I can read while I ice and nap.  Maybe I need to read some inspirational stories.  Any suggestions?  

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