Tuesday, September 17, 2013

RIP Elmore Leonard

The conversations I had surrounding this book were way more exciting than the actual book.  After Elmore Leonard died I figured I should read some of his books.  So after our last Novella group I stopped by the crazy bookstore on Lincoln Avenue.  I tried to find some of Elmore Leonard's books but that place is so packed that I finally gave up and asked the owner for help.  I told him I had read the Leonard that was turned into a movie with Demi Moore.  But that was confusing because I was wrong.  That is Carl Hiaasen and "Striptease". 

I had last Tuesday off and took myself to Big Star for tacos.  I was reading at the bar and the bartender said "you know Elmore Leonard died".  I said yes and that's why I was reading him.  He said "Oh, so now he's dead and you pay attention".  Pretty much.

"Rum Punch" was boring.  I like plot driven narratives, I'm not above reading potboilers and I like mysteries.  I did not care about the characters.  I did not enjoy the story.  I finished it but I'm not sure how soon I'll get to "Get Shorty", the other one I purchased. 

Oh, well.  Win some and lose some. At least it was a good conversation starter!

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