Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Leave me Alone....I'm Reading

Do you ever see kids at restaurants with their families and they are carrying a book?  And you can tell that they probably read it in the car and are dreading the meal because they just want to get back to reading?  They are enjoying the story so much they want to find out what happens next.  You can capture that enjoyment during the holidays with "Gone Girl" and don't blame me, blame Gillian Flynn, if you dread the call to the dinner table.

I've liked Gillian Flynn's other books quite a bit ("Sharp Objects" is still my favorite) but this one has a great idea and she carries it out with precision.  As a lover of mysteries, I approve!

I will have to check, but did the woman in Hitchcock's "The Birds" run away because of embezzlement? I am sure there were many movie and mystery references in "Gone Girl" that I did not catch.

I can't, won't and don't want to give anything away.  Let me just say a salesperson on Armitage saw me carrying the book on Sunday and started talking to me about it.  You have to find other people who have read it!  She liked it so much she read Flynn's other books.  I suggested Donna Tartt as another author to check out.  I have not read Tara French (yet), but am thinking that author might also fill the void after you finish all of Flynn's titles.

So.....Gillian Flynn....I have a favor to ask.  It doesn't have to be your next book, but I would love to open up one of your future books and read ".......20 years after the Day of".  Please.........and Thank you!

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