Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Re-read and a Trip

"Last Night at the Lobster" was the October selection for the Newberry Library book group.  I suggested it based on how much we liked it in the Novella group.  The Newberry group enjoyed the book and we had a very good discussion.  Many of them commented that the book gave them insight into the lives of the characters.  People they did not know and jobs they had never had.  Armchair travel to another culture!   One of the women in the group has already bought multiple copies to give as gifts.
After the Newberry group in October, I left for vacation.  We went to Berlin!  It was a great time.  Air Berlin now flies direct from Chicago so we could just get on the plane and then get off the plane.  Stephanie Plum came along for the ride with "High Five".  You may think "oh, another one of those dumb books" but this installment was very entertaining.  It has a few story lines going on and, yes, included some joking about high fives.  I expected to read more during my trip but was a little antsy on the flights.  First to get to Berlin and then to get home!  I ended up watching three movies.

The Great Gatsby - so, so, so bad.
The Internship - very funny and clever.  Disclaimer:  I think Vince Vaughn is funny and this movie made me laugh out loud.
The Place Beyond the Pines - wow.  Not what I expected.  Really good.  Very sad and sparse.  The way it was filmed added to the rawness.  Not an upper but one worth watching.

On Saturday, K. and I attended a lecture about Frankenstein as part of the Chicago Humanities Fest. The festival theme this year was Animal:  What Makes Us Human.  You could not ask for a better theme for a discussion about Frankenstein!  I have a feeling the book will end up in my Top 5 this year.  (K. was going to see Rick Bayless on Sunday as part of the Fest - I'll have to ask how the theme fit into his presentation!)

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