Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hello 2014!

First post on the 14th of January of 2014.  That must be lucky!  Or a good sign.  Or something.  Maybe after reading "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman, I'm willing to believe in luck or chance.  This was my first Neil Gaiman book.  It was not what I was expecting in that it was very easy to read.  For some reason I thought Gaiman was complicated.  Not that this book is simple!  We will have plenty to discuss during our Novella Group Winter Bonus Meeting.  The book was long but it was a fairly quick read.  I know I am going to encourage people to wear their best "American Gods" themed outfit.  That could be anything!

“Everybody's got to believe in something. I believe I'll have another beer.”
― W.C. Fields

I know some of the discussion will be about K. being embarrassed while reading one passage during jury duty on the coldest day of the year in Chicago.  Is this a bad land for gods?  Or just the ones that don't want to go away?  Maybe the United States is a good land for new gods - we are looking for the next big thing, the next fix, the easiest path.  I know that this book will make me take another look at roadside attractions and maybe even take some time to slow down and visit.

Happy 2014!  

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