Thursday, January 16, 2014

I Married Your For (Fill in the Blank)

"I Married You for Happiness" by Lily Tuck was our Newberry selection for January.  Wow.  What a discussion!  Even with cold weather we had a full house.  The consensus was we did not care for this book.  We were expecting something heavy.  I found myself not really liking the narrator so the book did not make me as sad I expected.  We also found the ending totally contrived and the book kind of pompous and snobby.

Ouch.  Well, you win some and you lose some.  We did say we would not have picked this one up if it weren't for our group so at least now we know.  I have to say this book does one of my least favorite says National Book Award Winner BUT it's NOT for this book.  I think that is just shady.  At least put what book she won the award for and don't let me think it's this one.  So that's #2 for 2014.  It is novella length but not worth repeating for the Novella Group.  The blog post title refers to part of our discussion - what else could you put in place of Happiness?  Why do people marry?

On to the next book!!!

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