Thursday, January 23, 2014

Six...I'm still reading

We are working on watching less tv at home so that means more reading.  But it can still be silly reading!  Silly reading - better than silly tv?  I think yes.  It's been so cold, too, that it's really fun to get under a ton of covers and read a semi-trashy book.  Stephanie may be wacky but she does get the job the end...after blowing up a car, ripping some clothes and having someone break into her apartment.  Hey - Wallander runs over a hare in every book - why can't Stephanie have repeat behavior?

And just saw this - Prairie Lights Bestselling Books of 2013 ( and will be checking out these titles.   Had some changes at work but still get to keep Iowa in my territory (for now) so I can visit Prairie Lights.  Lost Minnesota!  Boo - will have to make my own way to Minneapolis to visit Once Upon A Crime.

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