Tuesday, April 29, 2014

You're Going to Like that Jack Reacher

How do people who don't read cheer themselves up?  Wow, I never thought about that before.  When I'm blue a book purchase can be a real pick-me-up.  It's not a huge financial commitment (unless you are buying rare first editions) and books don't take up a lot of room (unless you are buying an encyclopedia set) and they do not contain calories.

I was in South Carolina for work in March and was pretty tired after a full day of meetings when I hit the airport for my flight home.  So I thought "hey, I'll go look at the book store".  Even in really small airports there are books at the candy/news store.  I was pretty blah when I went in to stare at the covers and then saw the latest Jack Reacher.  Score.

The woman who rang up my purchase said, in a great South Carolina accent, "oh, you are going to like that Jack Reacher".  Yes, m'am I expect I will.  I love how every airport Jack Reacher purchase has yielded a comment from the retail staff.  You have to admire a series that has such fans.

So it took me a while to finish this one because I had to work on reading, and listening to, "Sister Carrie".  Lee Child has fun with this one.  First, I think he pokes fun at Tom Cruise being cast as Reacher because in one scene he says that Reacher can touch the ceiling (in a hotel room?  I forget the exact location).  There is humor in this book which is a change.  And....spoiler alert...no sex!  Even though there are two female interests in the book.  I wondered how Child would get Reacher together with the one that I thought would be the romantic partner and cheered when it happened, but no awkward Jack Reacher sex scene which was ok by me.  Strike up a conversation in an airport, buy a book to cheer yourself up and get reading!!

I'm off to San Francisco for vacation and can't wait.  I still remember walking down a hill and passing a bar and seeing everyone at the bar reading.  And I went a few more steps, turned around, went back up the hill and joined them.

Great things about San Francisco:
Best PBS mini-series based on a great book series - "Tales of the City"
Best season of MTV's The Real World - after Puck all are poseurs
Best concert movie ever made - The Last Waltz
City Lights Bookstore
One of my favorite bands - Beulah - 4 albums and every one a gem and then they broke up
Sourdough bread!  - I used to hate it and then my taste buds changed and now I love it
Local dive bar that welcomes tourists - Buddha Bar

Looking forward to adding to my list with this trip!

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