Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Two in a Row

It was rainy, foggy, humid and dark most of last week and weekend.  For our Saturday a.m. run I told people to watch out for werewolves.  I also had a trip to Milwaukee by train and bought "Hard Eight" at Downtown Books.  After I found the store cats of course!  They were lounging in the front window and I got to pet one of them.  "Hard Eight" fit in my clutch bag as I took myself out to dinner at Hinterland.  A single diner can always use a book!  And when it's lousy where you are go on a trip - so I went to New Jersey to hang out with Stephanie. Although it rains in the books because Stephanie mentions that New Jersey residents do not like rain because it makes their hair frizzy.  Downtown Books also had #9 in the series so you know I've got at least one more to go!

The Newberry Library Book Sale is coming up July 24th - July 27th and that is the perfect place to look for more in the Stephanie Plum series.

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