Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Swearing and Summer

Second one by French - I knew I had another book hiding somewhere.  This is a great Summer read.  You will carry it around with you and hope for time to read it.  A great mystery but also a story about family.  French can really convey selfishness in her main characters - you think you like them and then....maybe not.  They might not be the real bad guys, but they aren't the nicest of people.  I also loved the dialog in this book and wish I could incorporate "Jaysus" into my slang but I know I can't pull it off.

My only complaint was that the ending was a little long and the class theme was repeated a few too many times.  I wonder if this is the work of editing.  I wonder if today's books just don't receive as much editing.  A few pages could have been cut and you would not have lost any of this story.

I will be on the lookout for French's other titles at the Newberry Book Fair.

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