Thursday, February 12, 2015

Off to a Great Start in 2015

I really am off to a great start with reading in 2015!  The new iPad (thanks again Mom & Dad) has allowed me to start using Overdrive from the Chicago Public Library so I have lots of books on my wish list.  Plus I am enjoying audio books more thanks to some wireless headphones.  I figure I can listen to books while I knit to "read" more and so far so good!  I also enjoy listening to audio books while I'm cooking and now I don't have to worry about chopping a headphone cord in half!

Here is how 2015 has started for me -

The "Poisonwood Bible" was the January selection for the Women and Children First's Women's Classics book group.  This was a re-read for me.  This time I enjoyed the story as much as the first time even though it got a bit long in parts because I knew what was going to happen.  The book discussion was challenging.  I wish people would stick to the content of the book.  To events and people as they appear in the book.  There are just some topics, like religious missions, that make for very tense book discussions.  However, if you have a book group this one does give you a lot to talk about!  I do remember the first time I read this book that many people (mostly men!) commented on how much they enjoyed it.  That's what you lose when people read on electronic devices - you can't book cover snoop.

I'm returning to Berlin so wanted to "read" something about the history of the city.  I listened to this one and enjoyed it although I think reading it would have helped me keep track of the names better.  In Erik Larson fashion he does an excellent job meshing a detailed historical story with something more sensational.  This book does make me want to do some research for work about the people involved.

I loved "Orange is the New Black"  I think Piper Kerman is a really good writer and she really balanced her own experience with observations of her follow inmates.  It made me think a lot about the legal system in the United States.  I have not watched the show and don't think I will because I liked the very straightforward non-fiction writing.  If you have been curious about this one read it - it's pretty fast and sucks you in and makes you think.  I checked this one out using Overdrive.

Ok, I use Danielle Steel as an example for work and she was the biggest selling author in the 80s, but, c'mon, my cat could see the plot developing in this one.  Yes, I read it in a few nights burrowed under covers and don't regret it but this one made even me think I could write a book.  I read this one on the iPad using Overdrive and found that I can prop the iPad on my chest and keep my hands under the covers right up until I have to turn the page.  Hey, it's been cold in Chicago!

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