Thursday, June 11, 2015

I'm so Sick but not of you, Jack Reacher

In the 50s one day, the 80s the next = summer cold a few weeks back. was so awful.  I had one day I just stayed in bed.  I finished "Personal" in a day.  I had checked it out from Chicago Public Library on Overdrive so I even read it on my iPhone because I could curl up in bed and easily hold the phone and read.  You don't read Jack Reacher books as much as look out for the familiar signposts - his hyper awareness, his experience, his stature among his peers, his drifter lifestyle, etc.  In this one he actually does read (something he has not done in previous books and one person I know gave up on the series because of that).  So enjoyable even while using huge amounts of Kleenex and napping in between cold medicine doses.  Thank you Jack Reacher for keeping my company when I wasn't feeling that well.

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