Tuesday, July 7, 2015

That's It...I'm a Marshmallow

I've given in hook, line and sinker to Veronica Mars.  I've now watched Season 1 and 2 and the movie and will circle back to Season 3.  I firmly believe that people often come to the right books at the right time and right now I can't handle anything too complicated.  I just let Veronica and her friends take me along for the ride and that is ok.  Entertainment at its finest.  The best part, the books are good.  I've read enough mysteries and these keep me guessing.  It was interesting to be watching the show from the start and reading the books from the future.  I ended up causing myself some spoilers but that was all right.  I will be sad when I've exhausted all that Neptune has to deliver and may have to check out Rob Thomas' other shows.
"Mr. Kiss and Tell" seems to have the most connection with Season 2.  Story lines in that season are featured in this book and I liked the way they were woven into the new mystery.  I checked both the books out from the library but am now in a state where I might have to buy them to re-read.  Yes, I'm a Marshmallow very late in the game but proud to own it.

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