Thursday, August 13, 2015

Must Read for Book Groups

"Desperate Characters" by Paula Fox was the June selection for our Novella group, but, due to some timing, we ended up pushing it to July.  I'm still thinking about it!  It's a great book group book - reasonable length, easy language, engaging and provoking topics.  Gentrification in Brooklyn?  But not now, in the early part of the 60s at the beginning of Civil Rights and social change.  I know I'll be re-reading this one for sure.  So if you pick it for your book group will you invite me?

I stumbled across this one at a bookstore in Knoxville and just picked it up because it was the right length.  I thought it was a new book since it was with the new releases.  It's one that has gone out of print so maybe that is why it was with the newer books.  The author has a fascinating back story - if you want it let me know - or find it out yourself.  It blew minds at our discussion.  We went for a solid hour without even looking at the clock.  Now THAT is a good book.  I know others are still thinking about it because we have had some email sidebars.

We had to push our Novella group back a month this year so we'll be reading all the way into football season!  Summer started late in Chicago so that's ok, we'll still be able to sit outside I hope!

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