Wednesday, September 2, 2015


"Landline" was a suggestion from Women & Children First when I said I wanted something to read that wasn't too challenging and would have some humor.  Sort of asking for a Reading Prescription!  This one fit the bill.  Remember when you had to be AT the phone for someone to reach you?  Or when long distance phone calls were expensive?  The book follows a married couple through some issues and the landline allows them to connect in a different way.  It's more intimate if you think about it because instead of taking a call when you are anywhere you have made a commitment to talk to someone on the phone.  And listen to them, too.

"Call Me" by Blondie came up on Pandora during dinner the other night and I made a similar comment.  When she sings "call me anytime" it's at a time when she would need to be near the phone, waiting around, to get the call.  Now "call me anytime" can also mean "I can be anywhere".  It's not as special or difficult.

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